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About Oncloud9 Fitness

Put your health fitness first, it’s part of your retirement fund.


We believe that your current fitness level, body limits, injury, medical conditions are a reflection of what you have been doing in the past years.  A combination of your lifestyle, diet and daily routine.  Your current state is not because something you did once in a while or just happens overnight.

We also believe, your future body is a result of years of investments. Your future health is created by what you do starting from today. Especially when you are over 70’s, the life quality really depends on your long time investment (time & effort) in  your heath, just like your 401K.

There’s only one thing that we are all have equally; that is we all have 24 hrs a day. No one can buy extra hour in a day. Therefore time is precious  and we always don’t have extra time, but we make time for the things that are important to us. Such as our health.

Make the most of each day and you will be active and healthy into your 70's and 80's.


Elite Customized Affordable Coaching Services for Everyone

U.S and Europe Certified Elite Sports Coach and Sports Nutritionist, design each evolving group sessions that fits every fitness level, from mobility, flexibility, stability to weightlifting you can find a perfect plan that suit you individual fitness goals.

Oncloud9Fit’s vision is to create a simple yet effective daily routine to help your body fight aging and continue to rehab, improve, develop, grow and maintain the best muscle mass, range of motion and bone density for each age group. The training classes coupled with nutritional guidance will help you maintain a healthy glucose and cholesterol level through a healthy diet.

Oncloud9Fitness is committed to promoting a scientifically based, healthy, nutrient condensed diet and active group exercise routine that is easy to follow and will let you enjoy the life to the fullest.

Oncloud9Fitness is on a mission to help each of us enjoying outdoor activities and traveling around the world when we are in our 70's and 80's.


Referral Only Services

Since 2017, Oncloud9Fitness has been taking referral only coaching services with over hundreds successful client stories.  Yes we only take on new client with an existing client’s referral.

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If you want to join us:

  1. Check with your friends see if they know any previous or current on Oncloud9Fit club member.

  2. Find a way to know one of Oncloud9Fit Coach, and let the Coach to know you

  3. Subscribe to our YouTube Chanel, and listen to “What you can achieve in an year” Dated December 2021 if you believe this is something you are looking for and committed to make a new beginning, then go ahead doing the #2 mentioned above.


我们未来的身材是今天的行动练就的。我们七十岁的时候会有怎样的生活质量,来源于我们现在每一天的投入。 高兴的力量致力于推广健康运动与饮食管理的生活习惯,帮助大家建立一个投入时间最少效果最高的健身养生作息习惯。 高兴的理想是:让每个订户观众都能最大开发,管理好肌肉密度和骨密度,管理好胆固醇,建立健康的生活习惯,提供社团互助一起训练,一路成长,活出每个年龄中最美最强的高兴的风采。

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